Behaviour Analytics plugin v0.6.2 for Moodle LMS is now available!

Where to find it

The Behaviour Analytics plugin can be found in the Moodle plugin directory. The plugin's source code can also be found on GitHub.

How to install it

The plugin can be installed directly from within Moodle from Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins. The installation interface will provide the option to "Install plugins from the Moodle plugins directory." Alternatively, the source code can be downloaded and the plugin can be installed from the ZIP file following the standard procedure. More information about installing plugins can be found on Moodle's installing plugins page.

Plugin documentation

Once the plugin is installed in a course, there is a link in the block to the plugin's internal documentation. There is also documentation available in the plugin's readme file.

Tutorial videos

This video shows how to use the plugin.

This video shows how to use the study ID and complete data export features of the plugin. These features are available in the latest version, found here

Reporting bugs

Any issues with the plugin can be reported through the plugin's bug tracker.


There is another plugin, Learning Object Relation Discovery (LORD), that has been designed to integrate with the latest version of the Behaviour Analytics plugin.